Maganda Makers Business Club Artwork

Jodie Bedford, Dijuway Designs, was commissioned to create some artwork for the Maganda Makers Business Club, representing what the Club is about. 


This painting represents the morning or sunrise. A new beginning. The colours were chosen to represent the colours across the Kimberley and power and wealth. The coolamon signifies nurture through Maganda Makers. The Bungles is representing the East Kimberley women, and the shell represents the West Kimberley women. The boabs and gumtree flower represent the Kimberley overall. Each woman’s journey is different; the symbols of women sitting around being nurtured in the colours of red and purple signify wealth, power, and independence by having their own business. We come together to share stories and strengthen one another.


The footsteps signify walking and navigating through business. The green boab represents the Kimberley and wealth. The coolamon signifies nurture through Maganda Makers. Women gathering this is reflecting the camps and workshops that Maganda Makers holds, and the other circle is representing a ripple effect through women supporting each other through the Maganda Makers Business Club. The red is for power, and the designs are signifying the journey of Aboriginal women and storytelling and sharing.

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Unleashing Kimberley Indigenous women's economic empowerment for self-determination.

A Kimberley Indigenous Women’s led grassroots initiative nurturing, championing and supporting Kimberley Indigenous Women in Business (aspiring, emerging, established and growing)

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Natasha Short

Maganda Makers Business Club Captain and Managing Director of Kimberley Jiyigas

Phone // 0409 156 756 

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Cindy Mitchell

Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneurship Program Director, Good Return 

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