Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

Maganda Makers Business Backpack

Kimberley Indigenous Women we bring to you our unique Maganda Makers Business Backpack © designed to empower you to BUILD wealth through business, as a means to driving economic and social transformation for yourself, your household, your family and your community. 

The MMBB contains a variety of digital (and some will also be made available in hard copy) tools and resources. The tools and resources you choose to put into your Backpack are those that will be relevant to you and the stage that your business journey is at. 

As the Club develops we will continue to add further tools and resources. We always welcome your feedback and ideas on tools and resources you would like to see, email: 

Over time you might add additional tools and resources to your BUSINESS BACKPACK and other tools and resources you will no longer need to use. So let’s get packing!

Maganda Makers Business Podcast

Our Maganda Makers Business Podcast will be a resource full of hints, tips, insights, and wisdom to help you grow your Business. 

The 3-prong SMARTS approach of a Kimberley Indigenous Women in Business: 


1. Personal Smarts for Business

Tools and resources that will strengthen you personally such as addressing trauma trails, developing problem solving skills and increasing your confidence; simply put SMARTS that will help you develop your personal capacity as a business owner. 

2. Money Smarts for Business

Tools and resources that will help you to generate wealth through the vehicle of your business, such as learning skills about how to use accounting software to manage the business money; simply put SMARTS that will develop your financial capacity and capability as a business owner. 

3. Business Growth Smarts

Tools and resources that will help you to grow your business in a successful and sustainable way, such as learning how to plan and action your business ideas; simply put SMARTS will develop your business capability as a business owner. 

The digital TOOLS and RESOURCES are free to MEMBERS of the CLUB and can be accessed in the Members Section of the website. 

On this page and on the Community App we will let you know when new tools and resources are available. 

Here is a sneak peek at one of our RESOURCES: at the Maganda Makers Business Club one way we describe what building a business is like is building a business is like baking a lemon cake. 

Baking a Cake Start-up Guide



The type of cake relates to what type of business you want to start.


Ingredients refer to your skills, work experience or certificates you need to run your business.


Utensils are the tools, materials or equipment you need for your business.


Instructions are the ‘how to’ support and guidelines for you and your business.

Step 5: ICING

Icing the cake is all about what makes your business stand out from the crowd.

From the members section you can download your own copy of a Startup Business Plan that uses this Baking a Lemon Cake Analogy as a way to plan out your business

Maganda Maker Business Resources 


We have made a number of our resources available to all Maganda Makers for now.  Download these resources before they become available to members only. 

Lemon Cake Business Model Guide

6 Foundation Stones for Business Startup Guide

Grant Writing Guide

Money & Me Resource

Self Care Guide & Reflections

A Kimberley Indigenous Women’s led grassroots initiative nurturing, championing and supporting Kimberley Indigenous Women in Business (aspiring, emerging, established and growing)

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