A Kimberley Indigenous Women’s led grassroots initiative nurturing, championing and supporting Kimberley Indigenous Women in Business (aspiring, emerging, established and growing).

The Maganda Makers Business Club has been developed through a collaboration of Kimberley Jiyigas, Good Return and the Menzies Foundation. Our tagline is ‘Kimberley Indigenous Women Building Wealth Through Business’. It is an initiative that seeks to support local women to gain more confidence in their understanding of Business, in a way that is supportive.

To help us, we have engaged ‘Business Builder Navigators’, based throughout the Kimberley, to occasionally touch base with women who may have some interest in learning more, or who may appreciate extra support or advice.

In situations where women prefer to work independently on their business vision or receive business support from elsewhere, that’s a great outcome too. Our work is largely peer based support, and is provided where there’s interest in our offerings.

Our Supporters

Kimberley Indigenous Women

Ngaringgas and Wiyi in Business

The Maganda Makers Business Club is your place.

The Club has been created to unlock and unleash the capacity, capability and potential that already sits inside you to be a successful woman in Business.

Ngaringgas in Business

Wiyi in Business

Our Vision

Our Vision


We are a grassroots women-specific business club of Kimberley Indigenous women who use the vehicle of business to build wealth, as a means to drive social and economic transformation across the Kimberley. 

This business club is an important Kimberley Indigenous and women-specific resource of encouragement, dream-building and practical support which empowers Maganda Makers, enabling them to incubate (aspire and emerge) and then scale beyond a nano/micro-business, to a business generating wealth that can be used for good. 

You can see this vision demonstrated in the logo: where the inside circle represents aspiring and emerging Kimberley Indigenous Women in business (incubating their business ideas) who then strengthen, grow and scale their business to be successful and sustainable (represented by the outer circle); generating wealth that can be used for good.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Maganda (“Tomorrow” in Jaru) Makers Business Club empowers Kimberley Indigenous Women to build WEALTH through business. 

The Club nurtures a BUSINESS COMMUNITY of women who lift one another higher, to gain strength, inspiration and skills to build wealth through business. As a business community, we believe that wealth in the hands of a Kimberley Indigenous Woman has the power to drive transformation for herself, her household, her family and for her community. 

Maganda Makers use WEALTH as a metaphor for SHARING and CARING; for sharing and caring lies at the heart of our Aboriginal Culture – and always has – since the beginning of time when there was WIRNAN (Trade).  Now is the time to foster indigenous WEALTH CREATION, for doing so will forge social and economic transformation for the generations to come.  

The Maganda Makers Business Club wants to increase the number of Ngaringgas and Wiyi in Business, not for the purpose of ‘increased numbers’, but because the success and sustainability of Maganda Makers will result in TRANSFORMED LIVES and TRANSFORMED COMMUNITIES. 

Our Values

Our Values


  • Sharing with, and Caring for, family, kin and community 
  • Connection to Country and Culture including language and care/custodianship of resources/country
  • Collaboration: using collaborative ways/models/methods/enterprises to create wealth through business (for example, collectives, co-operatives, co-working, co-sharing, mutual enterprises) 
  • Lyarn/Liyarn: strong emotional and social well-being is core to thriving Maganda Makers 

The Maganda Makers Business Club acknowledges and pays respect to all the Traditional Owner groups of the Kimberley region as the original occupants and owners of the land. We acknowledge past, present and future leaders. 

Unleashing Kimberley Indigenous women's economic empowerment for self-determination.

A Kimberley Indigenous Women’s led grassroots initiative nurturing, championing and supporting Kimberley Indigenous Women in Business (aspiring, emerging, established and growing)

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Business Club Captain

Natasha Short

Maganda Makers Business Club Captain and Managing Director of Kimberley Jiyigas

Phone // 0409 156 756 

Maganda Makers Community App 

Cindy Mitchell

Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneurship Program Director, Good Return 

Email // cindy@goodreturn.org

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