I can contribute to my community knowing it is my contribution that can make changes – and that is empowering. My business will create social outcomes like employment for family and community, promote our culture and our region. Importantly we as business owners can take back control of our Indigenous knowledge systems and monetize our knowledge for our own positive outcomes and sharing the wealth.

The one thing I know to be true, I cannot know everything, but I am willing to continue to learn, as I am a work in progress, and when one of us goes forward, we all go forward – because Indigenous women and men in business can inspire others in our community to do the same, when they can see the examples. I am not materially rich yet, but I am not on Centrelink and that means I am successful …right? 

Having a commercial business should be celebrated and encouraged – because the successes can change the lives of many, in real tangible ways, effecting amazing social outcomes.

To make more money that can fund better outcomes for you, your family, community, freedom, and control of your life, being your own boss, having an influence in the growth of your community, are some of the main reasons why most people get into one form of business or the other. 

These days there are few jobs that can pay a person enough money to take care of the needs of a family. A sure way to get a comfortable life and earn serious income is to think about developing your own business. Hardly will you find a rich person who is depending fully on a job.
It is difficult to manage two jobs at the same time. But having a formal job and doing a business is not too difficult. In fact, today, many people do both. They set up a business, employ one or two persons to work for them and then continue with their formal job. Such an opportunity only comes when you set up your own business where you make the decisions.
As you grow in life, you will soon see that your job is unable to fund the projects of your life. When this happens, starting up a business of your own is one of the best options you can embark on. 

When you set up your own business, you have no one to answer to but you. You can make decisions freely and choose what to do at every point in time, without anyone asking you questions. You are the boss, and everyone respects you for that. You will be building your freedom to a good life, for you, your family from which benefits will flow to your community.

A free person is one who can decide where to be and what to do at any point in time, without being answerable to anyone else, not even to a salary. I am sure you will love such a life. Starting your own business will allow you have full control over your life and you could spend every day of your life traveling all over the world, getting recognition, reaching out to needy people,  making your impact felt and enjoying all the good things money can offer, while others work for you but ensuring they also love the work.

Owning your own business offers you an extremely high level of job security when well established. The decisions to quit or stay both lie in your hands and no one else’s. No day will you wake in the morning to receive a sack letter. 

Signing off – I hope you have been able to take away some little gem that can help you on your journey. Should you choose to start your business remember the words from that great song: ‘From little things big things grow.’ I wish you well in your journey to making a ‘good life’ that makes a difference jijas. 

Mitch Torres

E // info@mijinaliicandlesoapstudio.com.au