Hello Beautiful Ladies!  I just wanted to introduce myself.  I’m the Maganda Makers Story Weaver.  I’m also a PhD Candidate at the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University. I look forward to sharing more about our research in the weeks/months to come.   However, today, I wanted to share something from my Native American culture.

You’ve probably seen these dream catchers before.  Did you know they are powerful women’s magic?   They were traditionally only made by mothers, sisters and grandmothers to protect all of the children of the tribe. The spider web pattern catches all of the bad dreams.  The very small hole in the middle allows good dreams to pass through.  The beads and feathers are sacred and make a path for the good dream to travel to the head of the sleeping person.

For many of you, your businesses are dream catchers.  You are creating new possibilities and dreams to transmit to your children and grandchildren.  Even if it is very small, it is still potentially very powerful.   I’m so excited to learn from you!

Cindy Reese Mitchell

Maganda Makers Story weaver