Have you ever been hurt, shamed, ignored, rejected, or made to feel that your feelings aren’t valid? If you’re answer is “no”, please let me know who you are because I’m coming to live with you!

I cry….

When things get a little too much, a bit overwhelming, the stress levels are high, or I am drained and exhausted….I cry. I always thought crying made me look weak, I was wrong. I have learnt that crying is actually a sign of courage, of strength, a safe outlet, so it has become my overload go-to. 

Never be ashamed of your tears….

We have all cried, all of us, every one of us. We all feel sad, stressed, scared, and frustrated at times. Some days I ask myself why I got out of bed, some days I wonder why me, some days I feel like I’m just not cut out for the hard stuff, to be a friend, a sister, a businesswoman, and it can eat me up inside. Those are the days when I sit with my head down, my face in my hands, shoulders shaking, sobbing.

I want to let you know that IT IS OKAY to let it all out! It does not mean you have failed if you are in tears. Sometimes tears is the only place you can go to, sometimes tears is the only release you have, sometimes it is the only thing you can do, and after the tears have run dry, you get up and keep going.

How do I move beyond the tears….

I have discovered that I need to pay more attention to my own needs. To find time to pursue my own dreams my own way, to make time to hang out with those people who make me smile, who make me laugh, who believe in me. To become a person of worth does not mean you have to do everything for everyone all day every day, a person of worth takes time out for herself, for self-care, self-love. You cannot be there for others if you don’t have ‘me’ time to re-energise, rejuvenate, and refill your own cup. When you don’t put yourself first you can lose all sense of purpose, and when that happens, it is so easy for depression to set in, ask me, I know!

My 5 Be’s….

  • Be Smart

Being smart doesn’t mean you try to make it on your own – ask for help, even a shoulder to cry on, recognise that you are not alone

  • Be Brave

Be brave enough to cry when you know you need to, it takes great courage to fight pain by crying it out

  • Be Strong

It is okay to be sad, it is okay to have ‘moments’, but be strong enough to keep moving after the tears

  • Be of Service

The amazing thing about lifting others spirits when you’re feeling down, is it also lifts yours. Losing yourself in the service of others can often be just what you need. Turn those sad tears in to happy tears!

  • Be-lieve in Yourself

You are capable, you matter, you can do it

Make tears your greatest power….

When you feel defeated, when you are crying, remember why, and after you’ve wiped away the tears, reflect, reflect on what happened to make you feel that way, and what needs to change.  You hold the power in your hands to change the things in your life that bring you down. Tell yourself that no one, nothing, can stop you. When your tears roll, when you feel that pain, KNOW that struggle makes you stronger.  Pick yourself up and keep going.

…and finally…

From the mouth of a special little someone in my life – “When I cry and then eat pancakes, after that I feel way much better” so – just like the saying ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ – remember this – when life makes you cry, EAT PANCAKES! 

It made her cry….SHE DID IT ANYWAY!


Shared with love, Karen xxx