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Jaala has lived in the Kimberley Region for most of her life. Her paternal connections are Djugun/Nyikina/Karajarri/ Gija. Her maternal connection is Nunukul (Qandamooka) and Taribelang (QLD).

Jaala is the proud owner of two businesses: Walyara Barbershop and Kimberley Youth Mentoring and is featured in the latest edition of the Kimberley Jiyigas’ Sheros magazine, a stunning publication showcasing Indigenous business women and entrepreneurs.

Jaala has always valued service to the community, with a particular passion for working with local youth groups: ‘I strongly believe we as a community need to invest in our youth because our youth are our future’.

Whilst studying a Master of Social Work at the University of Queensland, Jaala became the first student Social worker to complete a placement at the Derby Aboriginal Health Service, Social and Emotional Wellbeing Unit. She later went on to found the Kimberley Youth Mentoring where she encourages young people to access the most appropriate support and guidance to launch successful career pathways.

However, Jaala’s commitment to community didn’t stop there. Jaala continued to inspire those around her and launched a second business: Walyara Barbershop – where 10% of all proceeds are donated to a local charity. Walyara means hair in the Djugun language. Walyara Barbershop is Derby’s first barbershop and she sells her very own unique hair care products infused with traditional bush medicine.

Jaala connected with the Maganda Makers Business Club for coaching and marketing opportunities for her two flourishing businesses. Founded on a deep respect for Indigenous culture, the voices of Indigenous women drive the development and implementation of the Maganda Makers Business club. They are a community for aspiring, emerging and established Kimberley Indigenous women in business. Jaala is a passionate change agent and champions a number of Kimberley Indigenous women in the Club in their business journey, who are inspired by the way she is growing her own business ventures.

To learn more about Jaala’s entrepreneurship and impact on her local community watch this short interview with Kimberley Birds in Halls Creek: or read her full story on page 84 of the Kimberley Jiyigas’ Sheros magazine which is on sale now

Proceeds from the magazine go towards supporting Indigenous women to build business.

The Maganda Makers Business Club was established in 2021 through collaboration between Kimberley Jiyigas, Good Return and the Menzies Foundation.